Rattlesnake CanyonTM focuses on maximizing sales performance in a market scenario characterized by competition, rapid pace and tight deadlines. Participants learn how to look beyond their current environment and commit their resources to the potential of "what could be". They also discover the benefits of building effective sales and distribution partnerships. Participants achieve an understanding of throughout of both goods and services and an appreciation for the value of less tangible resources such as ideas, information and trust.


The Settlers and Merchants of Rattlesnake CanyonTM have been offered a challenging proposition. The locals have four weeks to secure all the materials necessary to build a railroad as well as a camp for workers.
This fast-paced, powerful program forces participants to face the challenges and rewards of real market scenarios. As the sights and sounds of the great frontier surround them, participants maximize profit through a series of buying and selling transactions where rapid turnover is key.


• Groups of 20 to over 1000 participants
• Teams of 2-5 participants
• 3-4 hours per session
• Suitable for cross-functional and intact teams at all levels
• Ideal for use in both a conference and training setting


• Understand Current Customer Needs
• Demonstrate “Quick and Clear” Communication
• Pursue Maximum Profit Potential
• Initiate Efficient Processes
• Build True Partnerships
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