Leadership: Innate or Acquired?

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Being a leader is of utmost importance in today’s cutthroat world. Putting in 24 hours of work each day is just not enough! To make it big every organization needs the vision or the adaptability of certain individuals to guide them to the right path.

The saying “Leaders are not born but made” is very close to the truth. Where it is a remote possibility for every individual to be a leader, there are those that have the courage to step up and form a cult following of their own.

leadership_eagles flight indiaFor a person to be called a leader, he needs to have the drive to take charge. He needs to make his subordinates feel that he has to capability to take charge of them and guide the to the right path.

Every leader must posses certain qualities like – spontaneity, motivating, inspiring, confidence, charm, intellect, drive, and an extrovert nature among others.
The only reason it s not possible for all individuals to lead is because they don’t have these qualities in the appropriate quantity. But this is to say that you can only be an effective leader if you have effective followers.

The key to making good leaders also starts early. If the parents are good role models, the child will learn to be the same as them. Eventually, we grow to exhibit these skills at schools, colleges, social settings, work places, etc.

Leaderships can be learnt depending on how ‘willing’ a person is to lead. How far they can go to learn and un learn skills to be effective in their performance.
Self awareness is another important quality. They need to constantly be aware and keep a check on their growth and be honest about what works and what does not.

When we say leadership skills are acquired, it is suggesting that it is difficult to learn all these qualities at one go and use them effectively when required. If a person is blessed with them naturally, it is definitely easier for them to take on the role of a leader. If you are born with these, it puts you way ahead of the others. It basically is a head start. However, if an individual is persistent enough, then it can be said that leadership can also be an acquired trait.  The possibilities are endless.

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