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I suspect there are many different viewpoints on this question, but it does help to undertake to differentiate. Here’s my take.

Management is: Supporting others within the accomplishment of their tasks.

Leadership is: Supporting others within the accomplishment of their potential.Being a great Leader

When I “manage” I listen to things like articulating goals, measuring, monitoring, recruiting, and communication.

When I “lead” I’m concerned about defining freedom of action, making resources available, coaching, instructive expectations, working out strategies, promoting innovation, and things like culture transformation and talent development.

Both are important, and necessary, when you’re responsible for others among the business context. I think the really critical issue is to know when to “lead”, and when to “manage”.

Perhaps there was a time when the calling of the manager which of the leader may well be separated. A foreman in an industrial-era mill likely didn’t have to give much thought to what he was manufacturing or to the people who were producing it. His or her job was to follow orders, organize the work, assign the right people to the necessary tasks, coordinate the results, and guarantee the job got done as ordered. The focus was on potency.

Too much management and deficient leadership can be constricting, stifling the potential contributions of your groups. They’ll still turn out (obviously), but probably not to their potential, and very possibly not even to their capability.

Too much leadership and deficient management can leave people feeling weak or overwhelmed, “at sea”, and without a solid foundation. In these circumstances actions and decisions may well be taken, but not be best when looked at through the lens of unforeseen circumstances.Manages vs leaders

In my experience, abundant of leadership is concerning “balance”. What is the right focus on any one thing, or competing things? For example, how much focus on innovation is appropriate? How much time should be spent on present needs vs. future opportunities? Resolving this balance at any point in time requires both experience and good judgment.

But with the new economy, where value comes increasingly from the knowledge of people, and where workers are no longer undifferentiated cogs in an industrial machine, management and leadership are not simply separated. People look to their managers, not simply to assign them a task, however to outline for them a purpose.  And managers should organize workers, not just to maximize potency, but to nurture skills, develop talent and inspire results.

Applying the proper balance to the time we tend managing vs. the time we spend leading is key to optimizing our own effectiveness.

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