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Many organizations understand the value of creating a coaching culture. Who wouldn’t want to be a part of a culture where everyone is open to share and receive feedback and guidance from others? No one, that’s who. Creating this culture involves training employees in the coaching skills and techniques, and then encouraging them to go out and coach others. The problem is, many struggle with the questions, “How do I get started?” and “How do I make it natural?”

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More than once, I’ve found myself at the brunt of a hot-off-the-press coach’s clumsy first attempt when they sidled up and asked, “Mind if I give you a little coaching?”, as if they read the question right off a script, after practicing in front of the mirror for weeks. My lips say, “Of course! When can we start?”, but my mind is screaming, “Go away, you painfully awkward person! What in the world could you possibly tell me that could add even an ounce of value to my life?” Nonetheless – though very reluctantly – a “coaching session” occurs, and wouldn’t you know that nothing good in the slightest gets accomplished (surprise, surprise…).

he most critical element to effective coaching is the connection between the coach and the student. I have often witnessed the tight bond between an athlete or performer and their coach; they personify what Zig Ziglar says: “People don’t care what you know until they know that you care”.

So to get started with coaching, you must first take the time to connect, to understand, and to build trust and respect with the other person. Once this is established, the door swings wide open with coaching opportunities. Ori and Rom Brafman have written a great book called “Click”, which discusses the magic of connecting with others and how to intentionally create these bonds.

CLICKThey tell us to take time to actually be physically with the person, and when you are, be attentive to them and to building a relationship. Work to discover shared interests or experiences – the likelihood of bonding goes up exponentially when just one similarity is apparent. And then move beyond transactional discussions toward “peak” communication, where neither of you are afraid to be vulnerable.

So rather than focusing on coaching, focus on connecting.

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