How Customer Centricity Training Can Revolutionize Any Company

Many companies provide training for customer service professionals who interact directly with current and potential customers. Typically this training provides knowledge about products, services, allowable discounts, and other practical details to increase sales or troubleshoot issues. While this type of training is certainly important, it is not customer centricity training.


Customer centricity training consists of providing every individual in the company with the necessary skills that will allow them to consider the perspective of the customer in every decision. Customer centricity training enables organizations to do more than just talk the talk. Rather than just saying that the customer always comes first, individuals in a company that is truly customer centric will have an ingrained sense that every action they take has the potential to impact the customer experience.

How Customer Centricity Training Transforms Your Company

Investing in customer centricity training demonstrates that the organization is committed to giving individuals the resources and skills to provide the best possible customer experience. It also has another important side effect: It compels every person in the company to become invested in the outcomes by employing the See/Do/Own model.

It works like this:


It’s easy to tell somebody to think from the customer’s perspective, but doing it well actually takes training and practice. Often,  individuals who don’t interact with customers assume that they are exempt from this exercise, because they think their role has no impact on the customer experience. Understanding that their actions can influence a customer’s’ perceptions of the company will prompt them to become more conscious and deliberate in their actions.


Once individuals have learned to see from the customer’s perspective, it’s time to identify the areas where they have influence so that they can take personal responsibility for the outcomes. For example, an individual who works in the packaging design department might recognize that a certain bottle is difficult to open, making the customer experience less than exceptional. They see there is a way to make it better, and they have the power to own the process for improving the design.

Do the Actions that will improve the customer experience

After recognizing a way to improve the customer experience and taking ownership of it, individuals must have the capability to execute the change. This is often where good ideas stall out. Individuals don’t feel that they can move a project forward, because they don’t have the necessary authority or resources at their disposal. Creating a framework to overcome these types of barriers will enable people to carry their ideas to fruition. The end result is measurable improvement and personal involvement and satisfaction in the successes of the organization.

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Think about all the various roles in your organization and how a unified goal to provide an excellent customer experience could revolutionize the company. If every individual in every department felt invested in the customer experience and had the power to take the actions that will lead to measurable success, where would your company be in one year—or in five? It all starts with customer centricity training and a commitment from leadership to put the customer first in everything that the organization does.




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